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Oregon Homeownership Stabilization Initiative

New Hardest Hit Programs Opening October 2016


Three new programs aim to assist Oregon families who have encountered a financial hardship that resulted in a delinquent mortgage, property tax, or reverse mortgage account, putting their property at risk of foreclosure. The purpose of the Loan Preservation Program’s three benefits is to help homeowners who have recovered from a financial hardship to preserve, maintain and sustain their existing home and eliminate the risk of foreclosure. The program will provide up to $40,000 in assistance to households that can sustain their payments in the future, but need assistance to bring their delinquent account current.

  1. Preservation Benefit – for homeowners who are delinquent on their first lien mortgage
  2. Property Tax Benefit - for homeowners who own their homes outright and are delinquent on their property taxes
  3. Reverse Mortgage Benefit – for homeowners with a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM)

More information about programs afforded through OHSI can be found on the FAQs page and on our reporting page. To contact OHSI, please send an e-mail to homeowner.help@oregon.gov.

OHSI is administered by the Oregon Department of Housing and Community Services, and is funded by the US Department of Treasury's Hardest Hit Funds. Learn more about the Hardest Hit Fund here.

OHSI Fraud Reporting Hotline:

If you are currently aware of, or suspect fraud, you can report it anonymously by calling 1-800-948-7688 or through our online tool.


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