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Loan Preservation Assistance Program Frequently Asked Questions

The Loan Preservation Assistance (LPA) program is designed to help Oregon homeowners preserve or maintain their existing mortgage by paying off past due payments and fees in order to bring their mortgage current. This will help eliminate the immediate risk of foreclosure. Homeowners must be able to demonstrate their ability to sustain the mortgage payment if brought current.


For qualified applicants, a one-time payment for the total amount of past due payments and fees up to $20,000 the maximum dollar limit will be sent directly to their mortgage lender or servicer.

To be eligible for LPA, a homeowner must:

  • Not be in active bankruptcy.
  • Own no other residential property.
  • Live in a single-family, detached dwelling.
  • Have a loan serviced by a participating lender or servicer.

For a full list of eligibility criteria, take the LPA eligibility questionnaire.

No, a second mortgage or subsequent mortgages are not considered for assistance by OHSI. Only your first mortgage will be considered for assistance.

No, if you did receive assistance through the MPA or MPAU Loan Reinstatement program.


Yes, if you did not receive assistance through the MPA or MPAU Loan Reinstatement program.

MPA/MPAU participants who qualified for the Loan Reinstatement program received a notice from their Intake Agency.


MPA/MPAU participants who did not qualify for the Loan Reinstatement program should have received a denial letter.

No. OHSI is only able to provide assistance to homeowners with a participating servicer. A full list of participating servicers can be found on the Servicers page.


If your servicer has not enrolled, you can ask OHSI to contact your servicer about participation.

  • Send an e-mail to with a subject line of "servicer enrollment."
  • Include the name and contact information of your servicer in your email message.

Keep in mind that servicers are under no obligation to participate in OHSI programs.

Homeowners in a HAMP trial period cannot receive an LPA payment until the trial period is complete. Homeowners must choose between completing the HAMP trial period and receiving loan preservation assistance.


If you already have a permanent HAMP Modification, it will not conflict with your eligibility for the LPA program. If you have applied for HAMP, or are in a HAMP trial period, contact your servicer for more information.

Applications are open statewide on a two-week cycle. Slots fill up quickly so apply early in the cycle for the best chance to secure a slot. If all slots are gone, you must wait for the next cycle to open.


The opening of LPA slots is based on available funding and the program can close at any time. Click here for more information about the application process and timelines.

Apply for the LPA program online at LPA program page.


One or more of the following reasons:

  • No more slots remain for the current application cycle. Try again at the beginning of the next cycle.
  • It is too late to start an application for the current cycle; try again at the beginning of the next cycle. See the schedule for the date the next cycle begins.
  • Your servicer has not enrolled in the LPA Program. Click here for a list of participating servicers.

The application and gathering of supporting documents can take an hour or more. It really depends on variables that are unique to your situation.


It is a good idea to begin gathering supporting documents before applying for assistance. Please review the “How to Apply” video and LPA Submission Checklist to learn more about what supporting documents you will need to apply.


If you receive a slot you will have 10 days to complete your application.

The process works as follows:

  1. Applicant completes online application.
  2. Applicant gathers all supporting documentation.
  3. Applicant sends application and all supporting documentation to intake agency within 10 days.
  4. The intake agency will review your application to make sure it is complete.
  5. The intake agency will notify you if your application is accepted as complete.
  6. The intake agency submits all complete applications to OHSI.
  7. Homeowners will receive one of two email notices from OHSI, indicating either that the application is under review, OR that the application was incomplete.
  8. OHSI will complete an eligibility review, and will approve or deny applications.
  9. In the case of a denial, OHSI will notify the homeowner through mail delivery.
  10. For approved applications, an intake agency will contact approved applicants to sign loan documents.

Keep in mind the following:

  1. If you miss the deadline to submit your application and all supporting documentation, you will have to start from the beginning in the next application cycle.
  2. The deadline to submit your application is 10 days if you receive a slot.
  3. Servicers are under no obligation to participate in OHSI programs.
  4. It can take up to 120 days to process your application to determine eligibility.

Homeowners who submit incomplete applications or miss the deadline will lose their slot and have to start from the beginning in the next application cycle.


Incomplete applications commonly occur when the applicant does not supply all the supporting documentation with their application.

Applicants will be notified by their intake agency if they have been accepted into the Loan Preservation Assistance program.


Once notified, you will need to sign your loan documents within 7 days of notification.

The payment will be made within a couple weeks. Participants will need to refer to their mortgage statement or contact their servicer to verify when the payment has been posted to their account.

A one-time payment is sent directly to your loan servicer for the full amount due up to $20,000 maximum dollar limit for enrolled homeowners.

You will have to repay the LPA loan if you sell or refinance your home before the five-year forgiveness period ends and you have sufficient equity after you pay off your first mortgage.

Since the LPA program provides a one-time payment, there is no requirement to participate in the Homeowner Education program.

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