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Loan Refinancing Assistance

The Loan Refinancing Assistance Pilot Project (LRAPP) program is specifically designed for homeowners who have suffered financial hardship and have substantial negative equity in their homes, but could afford a payment at the current value of their home. The program aims to help more than 300 homeowners to avoid foreclosure through an innovative strategy in which their home is purchased through a short sale and resold to them at its current value. LRAPP has been operating successfully in Crook, Deschutes, Jackson, Jefferson, and Josephine counties since 2012.


LRAPP relies on investor participation. Short sale offers are contingent on the approval of servicers and investors and prequalification for the LRAPP program does not guarantee that offers will be approved.


Funding for the Loan Refinancing Assistance Pilot (LRAPP) is limited. Funding for loans is subject to funds being available at the time of closing, and if funds are not available, LRAPP loans may not close even if the bank approves the proposed short sale.


To access the program application, please complete the eligibility questionnaire below. There are limited opportunities for the LRAPP program, with program slots opened at noon every two weeks.


The links below will help you find out if you qualify for the program, how to apply and when it will be available in your area


Submission Checklist

Eligibility Questionnaire/Apply



Questions? Contact, or sign up for the LRAPP newsletter for program announcements.

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