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Loan Refinancing Assistance Submission Checklist

Please be advised that it may take 10 days or more to collect or receive these documents. It is best to start collecting these documents before applying online. Once you apply online you will have only a few days to submit your complete application including all supporting documents by the deadline. Please make copies of all supporting documentation.

Forms automatically printed from online application

Intake form (please verify that your information is accurate)

Third-party authorization form (Sign and date)

OHSI Eligibility Affidavit (Sign and date)

Hardship Affidavit (Complete, sign and date)

Supporting documentation you need to provide

Last two years of Federal Personal tax returns with all schedules for all applicants

Last two years of Federal Business tax returns with all schedules if self employed

Most-current pay-stub or stub(s) covering at least 30 days

Year to date profit and loss statement if self-employed

Social Security award letter or pension statement if borrower is on fixed income

Most-current mortgage statement(s) for all accounts

Please return all items on this checklist to Further Development before the deadline. Your completed application can be submitted via fax or mail.

Contact Information:
Further Development, LLC
(888) 503-2835

Further Development, LLC

Further Development, LLC
8305 SE Monterey Ave, Ste 220A
Happy Valley, OR 97086


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