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April 30th, 2014
Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) announces the closing of the Home Rescue Program
Homeowners should apply before July 1, 2014; Oregon is on track to commit the entire $220 M of federal foreclosure prevention dollars.

Salem, Oregon—Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) is anticipating the closing of the successful Home Rescue Program in June of 2014. The State of Oregon is on track to commit the entire $220 Million of federal foreclosure prevention dollars, provided by the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Hardest Hit Fund, by that time. OHCS is encouraging people who are having trouble paying their mortgage as a result of being laid off or having hours cut at work, to visit to find out if they’re eligible.
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July 29th, 2013
New State Program to Provide up to $30,000 in Assistance for Struggling Homeowners
Salem, Oregon—A new State foreclosure prevention program will be launched this Wednesday in 33 Oregon Counties. The “Home Rescue Program” will provide assistance to Oregon Homeowners in two ways - through monthly mortgage payments (up to $20,000 or 12 monthly payments), and reinstatement payments to bring mortgages current (up to $10,000). On August 28th the program will be statewide by expanding to include Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington Counties.
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October 24, 2012
New Foreclosure Prevention Assistance Program Expands Statewide, Provides up to $20,000 to Qualified Oregon Homeowners
Salem, Oregon—Distressed homeowners throughout Oregon can now apply for up to $20,000 to pay off past-due payments and become current on their mortgage. The Loan Preservation Assistance (LPA) Program was piloted earlier this year in select Oregon counties and is now available statewide. The program aims to help more than 2,000 Oregon homeowners avoid foreclosure by bringing their mortgages current...
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April 18, 2011
Oregon Mortgage Assistance Program Begins Making Payments
Salem, Oregon—Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) has begun making mortgage payments on behalf of distressed homeowners through the Oregon Homeownership Stabilization Initiative’s (OHSI) Mortgage Payment Assistance (MPA) program. These payments will help struggling Oregonians avoid foreclosure while they work to regain jobs and income.
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December 6, 2010
Oregon Kicks Off First Foreclosure Prevention Program
Salem, Oregon—Beginning Dec. 10, struggling Oregon homeowners can apply online for the state’s new Mortgage Payment Assistance (MPA) program at Applications for the program will be open from Dec. 10, 2010 to Jan. 14, 2011.
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November 17, 2010
State Launches New Hardest Hit Website and Announces Regional Partnerships
Salem, Oregon—Oregon Housing and Community Services has launched a new website ( and identified local partners in every county to deliver the state’s Mortgage Payment Assistance (MPA) program. The funding for this program comes from the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Housing Finance Agency Innovation Fund for the Hardest Hit Housing Markets.
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September 30, 2010
Oregon Receives Additional $82.7 Million for Foreclosure Prevention Programs
Salem, Oregon—The U.S. Department of Treasury has announced that Oregon will receive another $82.7 million in Hardest Hit funding for foreclosure prevention activities. Oregon’s allotment is part of an additional $3.5 billion Treasury has released for the 18 states and the District of Columbia that currently participate in the Hardest Hit Fund to help stabilize their housing markets.
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August 11, 2010
Oregon Receives Another Round of Foreclosure Prevention Assistance
Salem, Oregon—U.S. Treasury announced on Wednesday that Oregon will receive another $50 million in “Hardest Hit” funds for foreclosure prevention activities. This additional funding will be dedicated to helping unemployed homeowners maintain homeownership with mortgage payment assistance while they seek re-employment.
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August 4, 2010
Oregon Housing Agency Receives Approval for Foreclosure Prevention Programs
Salem, Oregon—The U.S. Department of Treasury approved Oregon’s plans for four new foreclosure prevention programs today. One of five states to receive second round Hardest Hit Funds, Oregon received notice in late March that it would receive $88 million in funding for foreclosure prevention.
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July 19, 2010
Oregon Housing and Community Services Director Victor Merced has appointed Michael Kaplan as Oregon Homeownership Stabilization Initiative Division Administrator
Salem, Oregon—Oregon Housing and Community Services Director Victor Merced has appointed Michael Kaplan as Oregon Homeownership Stabilization Initiative Division Administrator.
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June 1, 2010
Oregon Housing Agency Submits $88 million funding proposal to U.S. Treasury
Salem, Oregon—Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) submitted a proposal for review to U.S. Treasury today that outlines its plan for disbursing $88 million in foreclosure assistance funds.
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May 4, 2010
Oregon Housing Agency Requests Homeowner Input on Foreclosure Prevention Strategies
Salem, Oregon—Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) will hold a series of forums throughout the state to listen to Oregonians describe the challenges they face as homeowners in this challenging economic environment.
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May 3, 2010
Oregon Housing and Community Services Receives $284,988 to Support Foreclosure Prevention Counseling
Salem, Oregon—Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) recently received $284,988 to support local foreclosure prevention counseling efforts across Oregon. The much-needed boost will enable OHCS to provide more counseling to homeowners in danger of foreclosure.
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March 31, 2010
Oregon to receive up to $88 million to help prevent foreclosures and keep families in their homes
Salem, Oregon—The Obama Administration announced Monday that Oregon will receive as much as $88 million to support innovative measures to help families stay in their homes or otherwise avoid foreclosure.
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In the News
September 28, 2012 - Statesman Journal
Preserving the American Dream: Foreclosure Prevention Programs Have Helped Many, But Others Still Are Struggling

Against a lush green backdrop, they came to Oregon with a vision about what their lives could become. Laura Hastings wanted a fresh start after divorce. Bill Donnithorne yearned for warmer winters on the West Coast. Hollie Williams stayed in his hometown to be close to family and friends. All came close to losing their home…

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August 19, 2012 - Argus Observer
Loan Preservation Assistance Program Open

Ontario – Distressed homeowners in Malheur and Harney counties can now apply for the Loan Preservation Assistance program at Loan Preservation Assistance is the newest program offered by the Oregon Homeownership Stabilization Initiative designed to help Oregon homeowners that have recovered from a financial hardship but have past-due payments threatening foreclosure....

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August 3, 2012 - Medford Mail Tribune
Out from Under: Refinancing Program Helps Owners on Brink

Talent – Christine Hince bought her dream farm near Talent in 2006. But the housing crash two years later wiped out almost half of its value, leaving the property — two homes on 3 acres — financially underwater and Hince facing the prospect of foreclosure…

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July 27, 2012 - Huffington Post
Hardest Hit Fund Tapped Most by Oregon for States’ Shares

Washington DC – Long a national leader in keeping its populace caffeinated, Oregon can claim bragging rights in another category: spending federal dollars to help its homeowners avoid foreclosure…

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July 24, 2012 - Oregon Public Broadcasting
Program to Limit Oregon Foreclosures Broadens its Reach

Portland – A thousand slots from a mortgage assistance program that was under-used in some rural Oregon counties will be available statewide, starting Wednesday…

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News from US Treasury and SIGTRAP
February 6, 2012
The Hardest Hit Fund is Helping Struggling Homeowners like Grace in Ohio

Washington DC – For struggling homeowners, the prospect of foreclosure can be overwhelming and frightening.  The Administration has made a range of programs available to help homeowners prevent avoidable foreclosures.  In 2010, President Obama launched the Hardest Hit Fund to provide targeted aid to families in states hit hard by the economic and housing market downturn. These areas represent those that have been hardest hit by unemployment and steep home price declines…

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December 1, 2011
SIGTARP,CFPB, and Treasury Form Joint Task Force to Combat HAMP Mortgage Modification Scams; Release a Consumer Fraud Alert to Protect Homeowners

Washington DC – The Office of the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (SIGTARP), the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), and the U.S. Department of the Treasury today announced the creation of a joint task force to combat scams targeted at homeowners seeking to apply for the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP).  SIGTARP, the CFPB, and Treasury have partnered to protect taxpayers by investigating and shutting down these scams and by providing education programs to vulnerable homeowners.  The joint task force today issued a consumer fraud alert to protect homeowners from HAMP-related mortgage modification scams.  The fraud alert will also be provided directly to homeowners eligible for HAMP…

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