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Success Stories

Here’s what program participants are saying about the application process, participating in Homeowner Education, working with their intake agency, and more!


Jose & Bianca
Washington County        


“After being laid off, providing for a family of four became difficult for us. We weren’t sure what was going to happen. While on the (Oregon) Employment (Department) website, I (Jose) saw the information slider about the MPAU (Mortgage Payment Assistance Unemployment) program. I couldn’t click fast enough (for more information).


Once we heard that we were approved, it really eased our minds because the (house) payment is a large payment. Without having two full-time, decent paying jobs it would not have been possible for us to keep this home for our family. Being in the program has been a blessing!”



Hector & Jeniffer 
Lane County      


“Being in the Mortgage Payment Assistance (MPA) program allowed us to keep our home and not get foreclosed on during a very difficult time. We were both laid off and then our oldest son became ill. The program gave us hope that there was a light at the end of tunnel and a weight lifted off our shoulders for a while. We were able to spend time with our son before his passing without worrying whether we would lose our home. We were determined to keep our home for the whole family in order to keep us all together. At first, we didn’t think we would get accepted, but we applied anyway since the alternatives were worse. Now, we realize how lucky we are.


It was also helpful learning how to correct spending habits by setting a monthly budget and paying down other debt. Moving forward, we have more confidence in keeping our home for the long term. Hector now has full-time employment with medical insurance and I am hopeful to find employment soon. We want to encourage others not to give up; there are folks out there willing to help like OHSI and NEDCO (intake agency). We appreciate everyone involved in making this happen. Thank You.”


Clackamas County        


“Being in the (Mortgage Payment Assistance) program gave me a peace of mind that I would be able to live here into my old age. While payments were made, it made it possible for me to learn how to make a monthly budget, find a roommate, be more conscientious about my spending habits, take time to consider long-term planning and look for work. I was able to find two part-time jobs by the time my year was over. I was also able to successfully modify my loan on the first try after exiting the program! 


I didn’t want to be embarrassed about asking for help and OHSI and Nedco (intake agency) never made me feel that way. Throughout the process neither gave me false hope and they helped me through a difficult time. I want to say thank you to all who were involved in making this happen.”


Washington County      


“As a single parent of two teenage kids the MPA (Mortgage Payment Assistance) program has been a tremendous help during this tough time as I look for a job. The entire process has been seamless and uncomplicated. I would like to extend special thanks to the staff at Open Door (intake agency) who have been very professional and have taken the time to explain every detail and assist me throughout the entire process. I would like to express my gratitude and wish the program continued success.”


Multnomah County      

“I would like to thank Hacienda (intake agency) and OHSI for helping me with my mortgage during my struggle in paying for my house; I am very thankful for all the help you have given me and I know there are a lot of people like me who are also in need of your help; I know your organizations will be very helpful for the community. Again, thank you very much for all your help.”


Multnomah County    


“I lost my job and a friend told me about the program (Mortgage Payment Assistance). It couldn’t have come at a better time as I needed help. Hacienda (intake agency) was very helpful throughout the whole process. They were super nice and provided great assistance including reminders about the monthly verification needed to stay in the program. I also found the Homeowner Education program helpful as it makes you more aware of your spending habits, how to save money and the importance of setting a monthly budget. I would recommend to others to look into applying if they are in need of help. I found a new job about half way through the program and upon exiting the program I was able to do a loan modification with my bank!”


Marion County


“I bought this house as my dream home to retire to. When I lost my job, unemployment in the beginning was enough but the longer I was unemployed and benefits lowered it became more difficult to pay my mortgage. I heard about the (Mortgage Payment Assistance) program through a news story and as soon as it was done, I got on the computer to apply. The day I was accepted into the program a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. The program gave me the relief to focus on finding a job and the hope that I would be able to keep my home. While in the program I learned to set a monthly budget plus I was able to pay off other debts. Within a couple of months of exiting the program, I found a new job. Now, I’m able to pay my mortgage and feel confident that I can stick to my monthly budget. Thank you!”


Yamhill County


“I am writing to express my gratitude to the Mortgage Payment Assistance Unemployment program. My husband passed away in September 2009 and I was able to make my house payments with the life insurance that he left me. I was really scared that I would lose my house when the life insurance ran out. I just couldn’t afford any more loss; I lost my job due to medical issues. I went to the Housing Authority of Yamhill County (intake agency) to try to find some help. When I found out that I qualified a huge blanket of relief covered me. I wasn’t going to lose my home. I am grateful for the program and I am definitely grateful for the serenity and peace of mind I have gained through this process.”



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