Tools for current participants

If you are a current participant in the Home Rescue Program, this is where you can access the form to verify your continued eligibility, view educational videos and download educational worksheets.

The Home Rescue Program is no longer accepting applications. We have more programs and support available. Learn more and apply today. 

Home Rescue


Verify your eligibility

Every quarter, Home Rescue Program participants need to complete a form to verify that you are still eligible for the program. After completing the form, please mail or email it to the intake agency in your county. 

Download the Verification form

View contact information for the INTAKE AGENCY in your county



Educational videos and worksheets

OHSI's educational videos and worksheets contain helpful information about homeownership, personal finance and more. They are designed to share information and strategies that will support your family while you are part of the Home Rescue Program and long afterward.

Watching the videos and completing the worksheets is an important part of participating. 

First quarter: Videos and worksheets

Second quarter: Videos and worksheets



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