Sometimes, life changes in ways that make it hard to make ends meet. Bills become unaffordable and debt piles up. Even though you are doing everything in your power to support yourself and your family, you have found yourself at risk of losing your home.

We are here for exactly those times. OHSI is a program funded through the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Hardest Hit Fund. We provide financial support to help Oregonians stay secure in their homes.  

How it works

Who is eligible

OHSI helps Oregonians who have gotten behind on their mortgage or property tax payments because of a change in their financial situation. We also offer support for people who are living on a fixed income or received a default notice on a reverse mortgage.

Visit our program pages for full eligibility details.


How the financial support works

The support you will receive is an investment in your family’s financial security to help you keep your home. It comes in the form of a loan and is recorded like a mortgage. But it is a no-interest, no-payments, forgivable loan. That means as long as you do not sell your home or refinance it for cash within five years you will not have to pay the loan back.

Learn more in our FAQs.


Where the funding comes from

OHSI started in 2010, when the U.S. Department of the Treasury created the Hardest Hit Fund to help homeowners who were struggling to avoid foreclosure. Oregon was one of 19 states to receive a grant and used it to create OHSI. Resources are available only until these new funds run out. Apply as soon as you can!

Apply today to join a community of homeowners who have found relief and kept their homes.



Average support received, per family


Oregon families have received support


Maximum support available, per household


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How to apply

Applying for support involves a few key steps. Here is how to get started and what you need to complete your application. Questions? Visit the FAQs or reach out to OHSI.

What to know

It is a two-part process: There are two main parts to the application: completing a form online and submitting documents to the OHSI partner in your county.

Mark your calendar: You cannot apply at any time. We start accepting new applications every other Wednesday. Everything is due the following Friday. Visit Apply Now to see upcoming deadlines.

Application processing: It takes three to six months to process the application, verify details with lenders and others, and provide your financial support if you are approved. We will contact you as soon as your application has been processed. Please make payments to your lender during this time, if you can.

What to do

Gather your documents: Tax returns, mortgage statements and other documents have important information needed to complete your application. Gather these materials before you get started. To download a list of documents, visit the page for the program you are applying for.

Start your online application on a computer: You must use a computer, not a smartphone or a tablet, for your online application. The application does not work on smartphones or tablets. 

Submit your documents: Deliver, mail or fax your documents to the OHSI partner in your county. All documents must be received before the application deadline. If mailing, send them a few days before the deadline to make sure they arrive on time.

Complete your online application on a computer: Fill out your online application before the deadline. Start as soon as you can in case you have questions.

Contact us: If you have questions during the application process or after you have applied, please reach out! We are here to help, and we can provide you an update on your application after 45 days.

Participating servicers and counties

To receive support, your mortgage servicer (the company you pay your mortgage bill to) must have an agreement with OHSI. All Oregon counties participate in the program. If your servicer is not on the list, you will not be able to apply.

Download the list of participating servicers.